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Hello Beautiful Brides,

As most of you know, bridal makeup is what I LOVE doing! I love to help enhance the brides features and enjoy the environment of pure bliss. Your wedding day is one that you have prepared months or even years for, from the dress, church, cake, flowers and to the name cards. So why is it that you would wait until the last minute for your hair and makeup? I want to make sure those of you reading this blog are not one of those brides who wait or forget about finding the perfect makeup artist and hair stylist for your big day!

You are the center of attention all day so it is important that you look your best and that it lasts. If you can not have a professional makeup artist stay tuned for some bridal how to tutorials on my youtube channel. There are many options of makeup and hair for your wedding day. Do not be overwhelmed, just remember you want to look like yourself just glammed up a little bit. For those women who do not wear much makeup on a day to day basis it will be important that you express that to the artist during the trial run thru. It is ideal to start tearing magazine pictures out and into a binder or folder of hair and makeup looks/styles you like. I always tell my clients if you like just the lips on a model then cut out the lips and place them with a picture of eyeshadow they like. If there was a time that you loved your makeup you had on bring that picture with you to show the artist. For your hair I would keep in mind where you getting married indoors/outdoors and summer/winter so that way you can decide if you will have your hair up or down.

There are several places you can find info about beauty glam squads in your area online at theknot.com

Lastly I want to remind you that makeup is to enhance your natural beauty not to conceal it. So love who you are and enjoy the planning process of your wedding day! Find the perfect makeup artist and hair stylist for you! If you would like to check out my bridal work go to http://www.momichelle.com




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