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Bride's Guide to Fabulous Skin

A Brides Guide to Fabulous Skin

by Ann Griffith Esthetician at Tanglz N Bangz

in Lafayette, IN

Of course you don’t need to be a bride to want good skin,

but most brides want to have picture-perfect skin for their

wedding day.

As soon as you are engaged you should begin a serious

skin-care regime that will prepare your skin to be once-in-a-

lifetime fabulous.

Here are a few simple tips:

1. 6-7 months or so prior to your big day is the time to meet

with an esthetician to discuss concerns you have with your

skin(acne, dry or dull skin, etc.).

2. An esthetician will help you set up an appropriate skin-care

program including any treatments that would benefit your

complexion and recommend some quality products for

home use.

3. Earlier rather than later is the time to get started on a series

of monthly facials, LED treatments, or mild peels.

4. We recommend “Hydrafacial MD” for its superior deep

cleansing and gentle exfoliating. Clean polished skin will

provide a smoother palette for make-up application!

5. Ideally your last facial should be 2 weeks prior to your

wedding day.

6. Avoid changing facial products or trying new, unfamiliar

treatments 2-4 weeks before your wedding day. Skin takes

time to adjust to a new routine.

7. Now is also the time to clean up your diet. Avoid excess

sugar, salt, and alcohol which can lead to weight gain and

fluid retention, especially around the eyes. Instead, eat

plenty of foods high in anti-oxidants, that help your skin

look radiant and clear, and glow from the inside-out!

***And remember, a relaxing facial is a wonderful treat for

your bridesmaids or mother-of-the-bride!***

Most of all, enjoy the process, stress shows on your face!

Thanks to Ann Griffith for sharing your skin care tips with us! To book your appointment with Ann call 765-446-1122



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